Another New HTPC build (based on Zalman HD160XT) ...

Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by avlogger, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Having been reading the various HTPC threads in this forum, I have now taken the plunge and am building an HTPC :)

    I want to be able to record TV programs (UK Freeview) and also to play back movies and music.
    I am intending to connect this to a yet to be purchased 1080p 46" TV (still waiting/deciding which one to get). In the meanwhile I want to be able to connect the HTPC to my Benq 24" monitor's HDMI port.
    I also want enough power to be able to quickly convert recorded video to DIVX.

    I also want it future proofed (as far as this is possible) to be able to play back HD content; both from satellite (when I can get a card for that) and from a BluRay / HD disks once the internal drives are more reasonably priced.

    I have purchased one component so far, the case as it had to match the rest of my hi-fi equipment/environment ;)
    My proposed setup is as follows:

    I have decided against Vista as I don't like its Media s/w - I have played with MediaPortal and feel much more at home with it (as I currently use XBMC).

    Hopefully this should be a fairly quiet HTPC?

    I would be grateful on any feedback on my proposed setup :)

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