Another Loewe Progressive PAL Thread!

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Darkl0rd1, Sep 3, 2002.

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    After spending most of my afternoon searching these forums for information regarding progressive scan on Loewe TVs I have come to following conclusions (please correct me If I'm wrong on any points)

    1. Loewe TVs based upon the Q2500/H chassis do accept a progressive PAL or NTSC picture via their VGA input. However because of lack of geometry/ zoom adjustments there is not a great deal of point trying to watch DVDs this way.

    2. No Loewe TV (at least the European models) accepts progressive input from anything other than their VGA input.

    3. Any interlaced NTSC signal sent to a TV (wether it be via composite, S-Video, RGB or component) can be converted to progressive scan (de-interlaced) via the TVs internal de-interlacer. However the results of this de-interlacing are not spectacular and lack true 3:2 pull-down.

    The thing I am unclear one is wether its possible to set my Aconda Q2500/H to de-interlace PAL material using the set's internal circuitry. There was mention of a byte/bit adjustment to enable PAL progressive (Byte 5/ Bit 3?) but I don't want to mess with this until I get confirmation that this setting does indeed enable progressive PAL @ 50hz (as apposed to the default interlaced 100hz setting).

    I'm keen to get the very best image quality I can out of PAL and NTSC DVDs so any advice in this area would be most appreciated.

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