another lg50px4d or samsung ps50c7hdx


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hiya evrybody,just 2 see wot evryone thinks.i had my lg50px4d in for repair ive only had it 2 months and the component port started playing up...anyway it went for repair,i got a call from mastercare(who i ve taken extra cover out with )20 days after id they had the tv saying that they had been an accident and my tv is knackerd(gutted)but because i took the extra cover out they will replace it with abother tv of the same value,so they are going to send me some vouchers or somthing so i can get a new one from currys.i went down to currys and told me that the lg tv is no longer been made and they dont sell it anymore so he showed me what they say is the equivilent 2 my lg,its a samsung ps50c7hdx 50 inch,i cant find any reviews or feedback on these at all,does anybody know if there as good as the lg??thanx for your time,please help me brfore i go buy sumthing crap


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The LG 50PX4D is replaced by the 50PC1D model-it has new video processor-Cortez Advanced, better Colour Reproduction -Electronic part: 14 bit, Panel: 12 bit. Also the clear filter is new on PC1D.
PC1D has also 2 HDMI inputs.[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdeaddihlfmjimcflgceggdhhmdgmh.0&page=Product&sku=836047&fm=20&sm=0&tm=undefined

Specification here:

There is lots of info and reviews about the 42" version on this thread:

To be honest I don't know the Samsung PS50C7HDX, but you could check this thread:

The price is equal –so maybe you can try to compare them at the shop and see what you like more.
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