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Hi Everyone,

I have been reading thousands of forum posts trying to answer my own question, but I want to get some expert advice before I pull the trigger. Thanks in advance for weighing in.

First off, I am fairly novice when it comes to home theater setup (or I wouldn’t be writing this post). I’m not an audiophile by any means, but can usually tell the difference in speaker quality and characteristics. The room is a dedicated home theater, so 90% movies and television. I have the Video covered and a budget of $4k for the audio (I have some wiggle, but hundreds, not thousands)

The new media room is prewired for 7.2. I pasted a pic of the layout below with the locations of the pre-wiring and dimensions. It’s not perfect, but it is very close.

So here’s my starting point:

Equipment on hand:

Yamaha RX-V773 (can probably net $300 if I sell)
Martin Logan Dynamo 300 sub (I would keep and use elsewhere)
LSi M704c Center channel (net $300 if sold)
Old school Athena technologies Towers and center (donation material if unused)

Arriving Soon, but can be cancelled (it’s on backorder):

I jumped on the Klipsch bundle deal at Adorama for $2,500
2 x RF-7 ii
W/RC-64 Center
2x RP-160M shelf (which I’ll likely sell for ~$300 net)

Here’s setup I was contemplating
  • Receiver: Yamaha RX-V773 ($0)
    L/R: Klipsch RF-7 ii (~$1,400 after I sell the shelves)
  • Center: W/RC-64 (~$700)
  • Surround: I’d go RSL, but I’m looking for a pivoting tweeter due to non-ideal placement of my surrounds. Leaning towards 4x Klipsch CDT-2650-C II ($600) for matching purposes or 4x Polk Audio RC80i ($300) for cost savings
  • Sub(s): 2x SVS PB-1000 ($950)

That brings my total to ~$3650 after I sell what I’m not using.

Am I thinking about this right? Should I worry about my receiver? What about dual subs vs. single? Are the PB-1000’s enough sub given the 4 10” woofers the RF-7’s bring? Should I think about an amp for the RF-7s? Would it be worth it to add another set of speakers in the rear of the room (probably $250 to have the wiring done)?

So many questions!

Again, thanks for the help!
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Hello Uncle Bill. I had an Uncle Bill, lived in the Malvern Hills in the county of Worcestershire. Therein lies your first clue. This forum is based a long way from Texas in the United Kingdom, which makes it difficult to work within a dollar budget. You could be better off with the US based AVS.

Hopefully someone on here can help.

Welcome anyway. There are some very knowledgeable people on here, excluding me.:hiya:


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What are you hoping to achieve with the 2 pairs of ceiling speakers? Their location would be more akin to an Atmos installation and not a 7.1 surround sound system. I can not see it sounding good with what was designed as rear effects coming from above and infront of the listening position.
If you can not position 7 speakers correctly then maybe stick with a 3.1 or 5.1 system.
Also 2 subs can help if you have room issues but if you do not then you may be better with one better sub instead.


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I guess I wanted to tap into the global audio expert network. I'll remove the post and get it over to the U.S. forums. Sorry and Thanks!

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