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I have my Sky HD box connected to HDMI1 of my Panasonic plasma. When I switch on the Sky box the telly should (I'm lead to believe) auto-detect it. Here's the sequence of events:

TV on.
Switch on Sky - no change to TV.
Switch off and then switch back on Sky - TV displays Sky.
Switch off Sky - TV displays built-in freeview.
After 15 seconds TV switches back to HDMI1 even though Sky is off! Screen black. I have to press the TV button to get freeview back.

Can anyone explain what's going on here? Rebooting the Sky box seemed to fix it but only for an hour or so. Do I have a duff Sky HD box? :lease:

Joe Fernand

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Hello wilbyforce

There are a couple of ways for HDMI Sync gear (AV Amp, Switch, Display ...) to sense a source or new source has gone live.

For any of these systems to work properly everything in your system has to be pre configured by the various manufacturers to implement these features.

Your SKY HD box has an 'always on' HDMI Output port - it never signals its in or out of standby state to a Sync device (your TV).

Its not unusual to get the unpredictable results you are seeing - if the TV has HDMI control as an On/Off option in its set up menu try both settings as one may prove more reliable than the other; then again you may never get SKY HD and the TV to work together in terms of Auto source selection.


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