another hdmi cable Q.


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going to upgrade my dvd then tv
current tv is hd ready!!
looking to buy an hdmi cable but like most ppl dont know what 1
been looking at :-

1 wireworld starlight 5.2 1m cable (going 4 £100 on an auction site)

2 bettercables 1.3 1m cable

Q. is which should i go for
currently useing a component cable from monster cables!!


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A cheap cable will do.

There's no difference in short 1m runs.

I bought one from Mark Grants for £16 but i only spent that much because i was in a hurry to get one and he does next day delivery and they cost £20 or more in the shops.

Joe Fernand

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Hello oldnovice

Keep in mind an HDMI cable is pretty much transporting a Digital version of the Component signal your already viewing on your Analogue connection. say that all sub 5m cables ought to perform equally well – though that assumes they are all built to spec and to decent tolerances; which is not always the case.

Many folk go the bargain basement route and get great results – others prefer knowing that cables are manufactured and engineered to a high specification and go with the likes of BetterCables or Octava.

If you want a relatively low cost but well engineered cable have a look at Octava they have 1m cables available for around 12.00 GBP – see


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