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Another Hard Drive Question. Now Including NAS



Well I was always pretty certain of my Hard Drives I planned on buying. But now it's the opposite.

I've bought my CPU, MOBO and I planned on getting the HD next to do some data transfer from a PC I'm selling.

Problem is I'm really unsure now. I planned on getting 2 500 GB Samsung Spin
masters and some sort of Rapture drive for the OS. But now I'm really doubting all of this.

Problem 1

Rapture drives are so small. I'm just wondering if getting a 36GB (something like that) for the OS and Games/Apps will be enough.

I plan on getting Gears, Crysis and a few others. Seems ok but I use a hell of alot of programs. I filled the screen of with All Programs selected.

Well anyway, that's not really my point. I'm just thinking because I will come close to filling the OS HD, will I not experience a slow down?

Problem 2

I'm going to get 2 500GB Samsung spin master's but I'm now getting a Macbook pro and I want to be able to access the files.

I'm ok leaving my PC as I hardly ever turn it off anyway. But I'm unsure weather the drives will be able to supply the media fast enough.

So I'm now looking at NAS storage instead of the 2 drives. But the thing is, NAS is a strange and mysterious place to me I understand what it is but I'm sure what I need.

They are the drives used for servers right? The thing's I see in those Star Trek cabinets?

Anyway, can anyone recommend one? I'd really like the case thing aswell. Not only because it's so cool but I'd like to expand.

Price is an issue though so nothing extreme.

Thanks guys.


Just to add...........

If I decide to use the NAS drives instead of the Samsung's. Can I also just download straight to these drives? I presume you can.

Will I really be getting a big speed increase when accessing the files going down this route?

Last thing, I plan to purchase something like Apple TV, will it be able to few media on the NAS drives?

I will be storing mostly HD content on it as well so when I stream I want it to be jitter free.


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