Another great app bundle sale


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Following on from the Macheist bundle back in the winter there's now another great bundle of apps available. I posted the promo app AirRadar a few days ago.

OK so here's the list of 11 apps in the bundle and a couple of observations from me:

Parallels 4
TechTool Pro 5
Notebook 3
Net Barrier X5
DVDRemaster Pro 5
Better Zip

First off, having waited for a very long time to see Posterino in a bundle I bought it a few months back at full price and its now in a bundle for the first time ever - @$&*!!! :mad:

A major reason for me buying the last MacUpdate bundle was to get hold of Parallels and shortly after I bought it they released v4 … but that aside I've NEVER even bothered to load it on the iMac so that was a speculative purchase that was a waste. If you are thinking of buying for the same reason just remember that now you can have virtualisation software for free.

TechTool Pro - I had this from an earlier Macheist and I used it maybe 2-3 times in in as many years. The reason I didn't use it more often was that all the routine maintenance in it was quicker and easier in the free app Onyx. But this is a high quality app.

Notebook3 - go to the website and watch the screencasts to see what you can do with Notebook - its an amazing app one that can be a sort of way of life, like the Omni and Devon products.

So in summary I'd consider Notebook, TTP, Parallels and Posterino the major apps in this bundle and Moneywell and Paperless the subsidiaries. I'd still apply the logic of if you have a use for two of these then the bundle is a great value buy.

The first 20,000 purchasers get two extra apps for free - Cute Clips (clipboard manager) and Jets 'n' Guns (I've no experience of either of them) but there are 18,500 sold already so if this interests you … &c.

Cost $49.99 and the sale end on 10th June.



Paul s C

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Hmmm, it looks a very good deal, and I'm tempted with Parallels. But come to think of it, I rarely have any need or desire to run a windows program.

I think I'm gonna give this one a miss.:)


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Same here, too much I have or am not interested in. Students might be interested in Notebook, very useful app.


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Would just like to put in a hearty recommendation for RipIt,

so impressed, I actually bought it a few months back:eek::smashin:


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I got the bundle when I heard about it on Mac Rumors yesterday :smashin:
The upgrade to Parallels looks good so far as my VM's now take under 10 seconds to open from suspend state.
RipIT works well and might be used more often to finish my DVD collection archive for Plex :cool:

The rest I haven't tried yet, but I'll get there.

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