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Another Fifa 10 vs PES 10 (Specific Q's!)


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The last footy game I owned was PES 6 back on the PS2. Back in those days PES trounced Fifa in terms of gameplay but I've been reading that roles are reversed nowadays?

FIFA 10 looks pretty impressive from the trailers I've seen and PES more or less looks the same to 3-4 years ago. However, there are two niggles that frustrated me about previous gen's of FIFA.
In PES each player has numerous attributes which you can actually feel from player to player but in FIFA, I used to remember situations where defenders being able to catch up with strikers etc (non realistic). Are there more attributes in later releases of Fifa and do they actually work?
Another niggle I had with older Fifa's is shooting. With PES it seemed so natural and the ball would travel where you aimed and again this was linked to the players shooting strength. With Fifa, most times the ball just used to ping off the post. Is this fixed/works better in FIFA 10?

i'v had all of the football games that have come out this year and the best one has got to be fifa world cup 2010. pes i get every year but this year i played it less then any other year and haven't played it for months. fifa 10 wasok but i didn't like it much as the player overall doesn't mean much as playing with messi would feel the same as playing with someone from league 2.

you should get fifa world cup 2010 or wait for pes 11 which look very good.


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I bought Fifa 10 and was very disappointed. The gameplay seems realistic enough and the manager mode looks really in-depth which is nice to see. However, it just isn't fun! PES seems faster and again, there is more response to players attributes compared to fifa.

I've heard very good things about Fifa world cup. Apparently its quicker and you can actually go past players. Reason I didn't buy it was I wanted to play with club teams, not only international. Guess I'll wait for Fifa/Pes 11.


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fifa 11 is going to be something special this year! the world cup game is quality, but not worth the price, but gives us that preview of whats to come


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lol i see it's that time year again lads! :thumbsup:

I personally hope they are both cheap on launch in the supermarkets so i can get them both this year!

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