Another external sound card thread!


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Hi folks, sorry to create another thread on external sound cards but I wanted to explain what I need and what I don’t understand so you folks can try to help me figure all of this out!

I recently switched from a hi spec PC with an Asus Xonar card to a low budget laptop, I used to output to my hi-fi from the PC via a high quality 3.5 to RCA. The clarity was great but the low end was lacking a little but nothing to make me want to buy new kit.
Anyway since switching to the laptop soundcard my audio sounds muffled with very little low end and I’m pretty much sick to the back teeth of it now and don’t have a clue which external card to go for. I’ve seen DAC’s mentioned and have no idea what the difference is between that and an external USB soundcard. A friend of mine recommended a FiiO E7 but I’ve read reviews and they all say it’s for headphone amping not line out.. which confused me even more.

Anyway the sound system I am running isn’t hugely hi spec but I still want a nice rich sound feeding to it, I currently run a NAD C315BEE amp with Monitor Audio Silver RS1’s and my budget is £100 but I would rather spend half that as I’m a bit skint!

Many thanks for your time - David

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