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Hi all, did a bit of a search but cant quite find the specific answer I am looking for.

I am moving from AVR as the hub approach (1080p) to a new 4k setup and like many I am trying to not change everything in one go and end up divorced !

Old setup is :
Sources -> STRDN1000 (no ARC on it) -> Octava 1080p HDMI Sender -> TV

In order to get 4k setup I am abandoning the senders and moving to a RuiPro 8k Cable so this would be
Virgin Box -> RuiPro - > TV (using Smart Apps too) -> Optical -> STRDN1000

Although this works sort of fine I use Plex on the TV and would quite like to have a higher bit rate sound using the eARC function on the TV (which of course my Amp cant handle).

This takes me onto the Extractors I see around the forum.

My Question is this in theory would / would I not be able to do ..

Virgin Box -> Extractor Input port -> Extractor Output Earc-> RuiPro - > TV
Then in theory the TV sound would be

TV EARC-> Ruipro -> Extractor Output (earc port) -> Extractor HMDI Output -> STRDN1000

The question I have is given the Rui is a hybrid cable is power a problem as the extractor would be connected to the "source" end.

Also do any work with both the virgin box passing through from the input and the eARC single going back to it form the TV ?
I see mentioned that on can use them "either" as a splitter so input out of both outputs or as an extractor i.e both outputs used, but I can seem to find if you can use all three ports at the same time.

I use an all in one remote so the remote control aspects not too key its purely the sound.

Apologies for the slight ramble but hard to get this down on paper !

I strongly suspect its a case of optical until I can change the amp - but would be good to know.
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Octava HDMI Extender - some of our HD Extenders do work with some 4K signals!

eARC - whilst it supports uncompressed HD and Atmos audio it is unlikely that the Streaming Apps on your TV support those formats you will likely have to consider adding an ATV 4K or similar as a Source to the TV plus ensure you have premium subscriptions to streaming services to ensure you can access the higher quality audio signals.

HDFury - have a few options for ARC or eARC plus two or more HD/uncompressed ATMOS capable Source devices delivering 4K UHD with HDR to your TV plus uncompressed HDMI Audio to your ‘legacy’ AVR and also support ARC or eARC audio from the TV.

See - HDFury - The Media Factory



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Thanks Joe - it was indeed yourself who supplied the original units 9 years ago if memory serves :)


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