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Another e85 connections set of questions .....

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by f_drew, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. f_drew

    Standard Member

    Mar 31, 2003
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    Would appreciate some help on understanding how to hook up my system. :)

    Basically I have :
    TV - Sony 32FX20 (2 SCARTS, 1 RGB)
    Freeview - Pace twin
    DVD - Sony 525
    VHS - Sony SLV-SF90
    DVD Recorder - Panasonic E85
    Games console - Nintendo GameCube

    I'm a bit confused how this should be hooked up.
    At the moment I'm guessing it should be :
    Gamecube -> VHS (AV3) / VHS (AV1) -> Pace (VCR Out) / Pace (TV Out) [RGB] -> DVD -> e85 (AV2) [video] / e85 (AV1) [RGB] -> TV (RGB SCART)

    However, I don't think this is the best way. I'd like to be able to watch the output (either from the first or second tuner, but I guess RGB is output on the first SCART, therefore this is the best connection to use from the Pace to the e85 ?) from the Pace box whilst recording, but the video won't output from AV3. However, I would like to record VHS to DVD, so need the output going through the e85. Is it possible to accomplish this ?

    Also, the AV2 input is set to 'video' on the e85 currently to be able to see the VHS picture, does this mean that the RGB signal from the Pace box will be recorded in the downconverted video format too or in RGB ?

    Do I even have the various components in the 'right' order for the chain ?
    Many thanks in advance ! :thumbsup: :D
  2. Rob20

    Well-known Member

    Jul 3, 2004
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    If you could get rid of the tape player and 2nd dvd player it would be a cinch. Put them in a spare room maybe. Do you really need 2 dvd players in the same room? You could edit all your essential tapes onto HDD then get rid of the tape player. Then burn to dvd -r. Especially as you can pick them up for just 35p each now.

    Alternatively if you want to keep all the bits of kit, you might want to consider a scart switching block. A cheap manual one allows 3 scarts to be connected to one of you inputs and also allows an rgb signal to be fed through. £10 + extra scart lead between box and tv, (though there are more expensive auto switching boxes available). That would allow your 2 dvdplayers and Gamecube to be connected to the one rgb scart. If you had an official rgb scart that doesn't come with seperate phono leads attatched, it would also allow you to connect the phono output on the switching box to a cinema/hi-fi amp. Your pace tuner could then be connected to the pan 85. The video could use the 2nd composite scart. Just a thought.

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