Another difficult choice to make - 1080 or 630?

Jack Ryan

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Upgrade happening. Managed to convince Comet to write off my old Videologic Digitheatre DTS under a 2 year warranty and got all my money back after 22 months! Result.

Simple questions need answering.

Sony 1080 or Yamaha AX630SE? Having looked, both around £400, not spending anymore.

Then, what to run them through.

Sony 835's (I think I already know the answer), Kef 2005 or anything else around the £650 mark that are satelite size, as I don't have the room for anything bigger.

Running a Sony 725 multi region through it once chosen. Also of note is the fact that I am likely to add a rear centre in the near future.

Intend to go and do the tests but wondered what you all thought first.




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£400 for a 630se?? You gotta be kiddin!

£280 at

And you wanna forget the sony... well, as far as i have seen, I'm in the same position, the question seems to be between the yammy, the Denon AVR-1803, or the Marantz 5300

Unless someone can tell us something new about the sony? :confused:


hmmm.. not sure what you mean about the sony.. i think you will find numerous positive threads here about the 1080


It's a typical 'trendy' anti-Sony bias you get on forums and best ignored. I'm sure you will audition both recievers and make your own choice but here are my thoughts from when I was in your position. I ruled out the Denon 1802 (no 1803 available) early as I didn't like the performance on stereo. I auditioned a 3802 as well and the 1802 was clearly inferior in many ways. I then tried a Marantz 5200 and was very impressed indeed with both movies and music, a great amp. Lastly I tried Yam 630 and 1080 back to back. The Yam is a fantastic little performer and stunning with DD/DTS soundtracks. Music is pretty good to. The Sony is also great with movies and to me they both had an edge on the Marantz in that area. More punch and depth I guess. At the end of the day I felt that the 1080 edged the Yam for music, especially when using the 1080's DACs from a CD digital feed. There was very little in it though and both were on par with the Marantz musically.

The fact is, you would be happy with either and it's a case of which suits your ears. I chose the Sony, mainly because of the edge I feel it has on music replay. You may feel the opposite. Whatever you get, enjoy and don't worry if you see others on here slagging it off when they have never heard it.


Ian J

Paiger is correct. Many AV amps don't have a great deal of difference between them but the Sony and Yamaha have a completely different sound which is noticeable even to the uninitiated. In my case I preferred the sound of the Marantz 6200 to the Sony 1070 which I thought to be better in surround sound and stereo and replaced one with the other but in view of the difference in sound between the two models that you have shortlisted it is important that you listen to them both and make your own mind up. Neither is better than the other - they are just different.

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