Another Denon 500SD query


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Hi Guys -hope you can help,
I thought I would try something new with my ps2 which was already connected by scart thru the av2 socket of my vcr and therefore sound outputed thru the Denon.
the new thing was to buy an optical cable for better surround sound. However, when I plug the cable in and put the yellow,red,white cable into video 2 as well it works but i don't think it is coming thru the optical cable because when i pull the white cable out the sound disappears.
I have changed the ps2 setting to optical out and have fiddled with the input mode button on the remote but it makes no difference.
Can anyone offer any advice to any other changes I should make to settings.
I don't understand why the optical cable is not carrying sound. Do these things carry just sound or picture as well?


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Optical cables only pass the sound through not pictures as well. I have my Sky optical cable in video 2 and phono cables for the tv in video 1, have you tried moving the cables around?

I didn't think the PS2 outputted digital sound unless you are watching a dvd or a game encoded in digital sound. I don't think there are many games with this type of sound for the PS2.

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