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Apr 13, 2005
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freak accident and have cracked my mac book screen?

Any advice on where to repair - does anyone know how much apple charge these days?

will contact home insurance just very annoying!!! still only a lap top?

Apple or their approved service centres only really especially if under warranty and you want it to continue.
If it's out of warranty, just grab a replacement screen off eBay.

Last one I bought was about £60. Takes around an hour to change - you don't need any specific electronics skills - just patience and care.
Thanks for the advice, I am now over the shock. I was tempted by the home repair but in the end have gone the home insurance route. They should pick it up soon. It has actually started to spread at the moment so glad i am getting it done. The whole thing is very frustrating. It was not struck with huge force - would anyone say that mac LCDs are particularly vunerable?

Thanks again Ben
Surprised you have a low enough excess to make that worthwhile!
the excess is 50 pounds. i guess self repair would have been close but all quotes i got were from 200 plus.

£200 sounds about right. Expensive though.

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