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Another contender for the future of LCD


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If I've read it correctly, that isnt a completely new technology, in that you still have a regular good old LCD panel, only that the backlight is a special one in that only the areas that need lighting up are lit up. Hmmmm does look quite good. I'm sure I read of a similar techology being tested by an LCD panel manufacturer.


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Yeah i think some manufacturers have been looking at modulating the backlight displays, to get better blacks etc, but looks like these guys have managed to get it in working form, and from the vids and pics looks like it does the job very well


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Sound Awsome, to bad it it still likely to be 12 - 18 months before we see them on shelves for resonable prices! :)


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It sounded so good that I think the author may have shares in the company :devil:

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