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Does anybody happen to know what could be causing this problem on my laptop..
When i click the left mouse button on my laptop trackpad the last 2 days, it either wont click on whatever on screen until i've hammered the button about 7 times or it'll double click it really quick which is annoying if you're trying to close one internet window and it clicks and closes all the ones underneath it too! As far as i know i've not changed anything, it's just started happening the last couple of days!? Any help would be most appreciated, TIA


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Try reinstalling the trackpad drivers


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Don't know much about the Dell Inspiron 5160, but is it possible that the button has something ( a Crumb or something) stuck underneath it, if the buttons are the type that could get something under them, with the laptop turned Off,try shaking it gently and \ or blowing so that anything under there might drop out.

As for the Drive, do you have any CD \ DVD from Dell, if not try there web page.

Good Luck

Steve :)


You can find the drivers for the trackpad on the Dell Website. You could also have phoned up Dell tech support, who would have offered you help, but only if you got the 3 year onsite maintenance. And if you own a Dell laptop and don't have that, you might as well throw it out the window.


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There is the chance that there is a piece of dirt or something under the button. You may be able to clear in any of the following ways. Hold the laptop vertically and simply tapp the chassis around the button. Yoy may be able to jar loose the obstruction. Alternatively, take a pice of A4 paper and see if you can get the edge under the button. See if you can potential shift any of the ineveitable dust build up you will get. I know these are very low tech suggestions but they can potentially work.

It may alternatively be a software fault. The drivers that control the functionality of the trackpad and sundry buttons has become faulty. If you go to Dells website and input your Laptops unique identifying number (which is stencilled on the chasis) you should then be able to access the respect support web pages.

Select your make and model of laptop, and then look for the listings for an appropriate mouse/touchpad driver. Then download, install and reboot your laptop.

If this still does not remedy the problem, then it may be that there is a physical hardware fault. Deepending on the warranty you purchased with the laptop you may have to return it to Dell to get it repaired. Alternatively, if it is out of warranty, there are plenty of local outlets that my be able to resolve the fault for you.

Let us know how you get on.


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littlesheepy said:
riiiiiight, and how might i do that, any ideas please? i have a Dell Inspiron 5160 :D
It's in device manager somewhere. Unistall the drivers. Reboot the system and windows will re-install them for you automatically.


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Since you have to press it about 7 times, i'd say the little micro switch has worn out, so i'd say its broke. But a good clean maybe in order first.


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Reseat the keyboard, as I'm pretty sure the touchpad is connected in the same socket as the touchpad on Inspiron's, as it is with Latitude's.


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Flippin' heck guys, thanks for all the advice! Believe it or not, i've switched the laptop on today and (touch wood) it seems to working ok which is sods law, but at least in a good way! Thanks again everybody for your advice and if it should start playing up again, i'll know what to try! (am thinking it may have been a crumb or something stuck!)
Cheers again, Lisa :)


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Nope spoke to soon, it's back again. Seems to be an intermittent thing, sometimes it's over sensitive and sometimes it wont do anything :(
Will have to give a couple of your suggestions a go, cheers:)

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