Another budget buyer - Diboss or Mikomi ?


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Hi All,

Looking for a LCD for a bedroom, and was hoping to spend around the £250 mark.

Have done a few searches but cant find much in the way of reviews on the Diboss DIBOSS LT-17DF

Anyone know how this compares to the Mikomi 1701 in Argos ? (I like the look of this but it seems to always be out of stock)

Also, its not essential to have widescreen, how does a 15" 4:3 compare to a 17" 16:9 ? Is bigger always best ?

On the whole, are these 'lesser' makes reliable ? Or is it best to stick with the better know brands ?


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Hi mollsa

Oddly enough yesterday I bought a Mikomi 15" lcd from Argos to use in my bathroom (odd yes I know, but thats me all over) and got an LCD instead of a CRT to store it easily as I didn't want to leave it in the damp conditions. I have a Panasonic 32" £1500 lcd and was expecting not too much from the Mikomi but was pleasantly suprised at its picture and features, inputs etc. I am taking it back though but only because of the LCD viewing angle being too shallow from my viewing position in the bath :rolleyes: but this is the same with any lcd. For a normal bedroom TV I would suspect it would be fine but remember that your angle to any LCD set could make a difference where on a CRT it doesn't.
As for 15" V 17" then there won't be much in it depending on what ratio you are watching and what ratio mode you watch it on but overall you'd be suprised how much difference two inches more make (well thats what my wife says, but I'm not sure she was talking about TV's!!)

Any questions then fire away


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