Another 'best 55" TV request for advice' post. Circa £800 max


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I'm currently in the market for a 55" TV and am coming to this from my current 37" Panasonic LCD which is 10 years old. I've attached a pic to show my room layout (blue circles are where we generally sit, between 3ft and 9ft from the screen).

I have genuinely read thread after thread around similar requests but every time I think I've narrowed it down, I read something else to make me question that choice. Viewing angle may be a concern because of where the nearest person would be sitting.

Viewing will mostly be done in the evenings and is a mixture of standard Sky, streaming from Prime, Netflix, Disney+ etc, All4 and iPlayer. Very, very little gaming or sport.

Also may be still using my Roku for apps.

Will be very grateful for any advice and/or suggestions.

Budget is up to £800 (ideally less) but can also stretch it a little if the extra quality/functionality offsets the extra cost.

Current possibilities:
Sony kd-55xh9505: no stock anywhere
Samsung QE55Q80A
Hisense 55A9GTUK: out of budget




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I would look at the below threads on refurb shops and try to get an OLED close to budget since in you're situation needing good viewing angles you're going to have to go down quite a bit in quality for an LCD TV.

If you're only interested in buying new its probably worth saving a bit more for an OLED anyway, even if means going for one of the cheaper models like the A9G you mention.
There's also the LG A1, but it has only a 60hz panel. The B1 or C1 would be most similar to the Hisense A9G.


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Thanks for the pointers and links to refurbished TVs as well.

Going to have to go new to get the 5/6 warranty that comes from some of the bigger sellers though. That said, and going back to my comment about being able to stretch the budget a little if the extra quality/functionality offsets the extra cost, I’ve gone back and had another look.

I know prices are fluctuating like mad at the moment but, in general, the Hisense 55A9GTUK seems to be around £1,000, with the LG OLED55C14LB at £1,100 and the LG OLED55C14LB at £1,200.

I’ve contacted Richer Sounds, and if they can beat a Curry’s cashback deal (via TCB) on the LG OLED55C14LB (down to £1,059.10) then I think that’s probably what I’ll end up getting.

Thanks again.


You can contact the Sony store to pay for an additional warranty on top of the refurbs.
1 year is always standard by manufacturer. Extra 4-5 you see on top are promotions from certain stores where they bundle insurance policies on top.

That Philips you mention is one of the best value for money TVs at the moment, and will certainly give you good viewing angles.


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Got a few more questions, if you don't mind. I've think I've narrowed it down to the following:

  1. LG OLED55C14LB at £1,200 (possibly get RS to beat Curry’s cashback deal (via TCB) that will take it down to down to £1,059.10).
  2. Phillips 55OLED706 at £979 in most places (got concerns though if the the Ambilight will appear squashed/odd once the TV's slotted into its place on the wall (media wall)).
  3. Sony BRAVIA XR55X90JU at £899 in most places - the alternative option (comes with £100 of PlayStation Store vouchers that I can sell on).
I suspect I've talked myself out of the Phillips because of where and the way it'll be mounted but would love to hear otherwise.

So I suppose the question is, will I appreciate the circa £150 - £250 difference between the Sony BRAVIA XR55X90JU (LED) and the LG OLED55C14LB (OLED), considering my usage?

The Sony is closest to my initial budget of £800 (which was just a finger in the air figure) but then I don't want to think, "what if", come a few months down the line. Then again, £250 is a fair chunk of cash.

See, I still can't decide even as I'm writing this...


The X90J is not to be compared to OLEDs, not only is it an LCD TV, but its also not the top of the range one in their lineup. That goes to the X95J that starts at 65", most people would agree that OLED is even better than that model. The X90J should also be priced far less than that.

You can't go wrong with the LG C1 and you have a very good price, so I'd go for that model.

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