Another aspect ratio question - bit different this one.


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This is on a Samsung DVD SR270M recorder, and it's one aspect ( excuse the pun ) that I don't understand.
The story so far, it has 3 aspect ratio settings 4.3 letterbox, 4.3 pan and scan and 16.9
In E-E mode ( that is just watching the TV program through it ) they work fine. I use it on a 4.3 TV with no scart input so nothing to confuse things there. I use pan and scan and get a full 4.3 picture--great. Any recordings done ( normal widescreen transmissions such as news 24 ) record and playback perfectly. The pan and scan works correctly on playback. Take that disc out and play it on the Sony HRD870 on the main setup and the recording is perfect, it plays as a 16.9 automatically. Fine, that seems to show pan and scan does not affect recordings.
This is the point where it all went wrong, I did a factory reset of the Samsung ( as it says in book ) and from then on recordings done and played back on the Samsung would not go into pan and scan mode. They always played as 16.9 thus giving a squashed up image. The recordings were still correct played on the Sony. The three aspect ratio settings still all worked in E-E mode but had no effect on playback of any recordings. However take a previous recording done before the factory reset and the aspect ratio settings work. That seems weird to me. It seems that the Samsung puts some kind of "flag" on the recording and doing the factory reset clears this.
I have got it right again after a lot ( hour or two ) of playing around but I am not sure what I did :rolleyes: It was something like playing a pre recorded DVD in pan and scan ( which it didn't ) and pressing "return" on the remote that seemed to put it right. I am just not sure. The bottom line is that the factory reset clears this function, and it seems you have to do something to get it back. If you have got this far thanks for reading.

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