Another 912 question re subwoofer


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Your all been very patient but almost done. My sub is very very quiet, poss even not on. I think its connected to the correct plug on the reciever but space and light extremly limited. Setting in the menu for sub is on but hear zero out of it.
Any ideas


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Things to check.

Is it connected to the subwoofer in on the amp? It's the one next to monitor in.

Have you connected the cable correctly to the sub? It should be connected to the low level left input.

Has the amp picked up on your sub through MCACC or have you manually enabled it.

Again, as with your last problems, it sounds like a connection issue.


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hi Thanks for the reply. I agree that it does appear to be a connection problem as with "My last problem" as I only have a small space to work in to connect it all up (About seven inches between my AV setup and the wall It wont pull out any further:rolleyes:

However I can see where the sub goes as you say the bottom plug next to the monitor connection. I have don that exactly as the book says. On MCACC it runs through the test and I can hear the very low rumble test which I presume is the sub. I suppose I could go sit by the side of the sub just to make sure! But if as I think the connection is correct is there anything else to check on the reciever. I have confrmed the obvious on the sub that it is switched on with the volume turned up etc etc.

If there is nothing else to check I wonder if my sub is not compatable????

Thanks again for the help:)


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Are you getting nothing from the sub at all or only in different modes on the receiver? You'll get nothing from the sub when in stereo mode unless you have the sub set to 'subwoofer plus' in the set up. How are the rest of your speakers set up. Are they large or small or a mix of both? What crossover have you set on the amp and your sub? What's the volume at for the sub on your amp?


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Malabbey thanks for all the help. I have finally found out what it was thanks to some of the points you mentioned. The volume on the sub was set low. When i cranked it right up I could hear it. I played about with the subs settings including the crossover on the sub and set the crossover to 100. I then ran the MCACC. It asked me to reduce the sub volume. I then realised that the MCACC does not like as much bass as I do :( So I followed what it said and once complete all was well. After all I could always turn the subs volume up a bit more!

Must admit at present this reciever does sound good with music played through my Sony DVD 930.


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Glad to hear that you're sorted. Enjoy your amp. My one has been absolutely faultless since I got it a couple of months ago and I am well pleased with it.


on the ax3 there is a setting that always seems to get missed when i setup using the mic, it may be the same problem you get it's something to do with setting the bass level and involves you going from -80 and up towards zero i tend to set it to about -10 which sounds violent on this adjustment but when you start using it it's fine.

This may not be the same on yours but might be worth a check!

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