Another 360 question-- but i hope a little different


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Ok here goes...

Already have a 360 premium. But my son wants a second 360 to use at his mums. My dilemma is this... Do I spend £250 plus on another premium, then have to buy him home plugs (as I use) and another live subscription.

Or can I use the arcade version. If I did this would a memory card be big enough to save games, transfer content between the 2 360's etc? Any options problems I have missed?

Headset, extra controller and games he can use between the two houses.



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I'm not 100% sure, but my understanding is that for most games, you will be okay using the memory card for your saves. However, there are a few issues that spring to mind:
  • any DLC on your HDD will not be part of the game save on the non-HDD machine - I don't know if this would lead to corruption issues if you were transferring saves back and forth. At a minimum, it will mean he won't be able to play any portions of a game that require DLC.
  • I think some games use the HDD to cache data, therefore these would possibly be unplayable, or at the very least will make for horrendous load times.
  • Will he be playing online? I don't know if the "local server" type setup that MS utilise for hosting games would place a huge stress on his memory card, and ultimately mean he wouldn't be able to play online?

These are just thoughts I have on it - sorry I can't give you any definitive answers. I'm sure there will be someone on the forums who will have experience of using the memory card. One thing though - have you checked the price of memory cards? Are they really that much cheaper than just forking out for another Premium? I've no idea, just wondering.

Edit: An easy option, seeing as he's going to be moving controllers etc, is just to transfer the hard drive back and forth as well - problem solved!


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I would think that online functionality would be the same, I don't think MS would have released the Arcade if you couldn't play online properly with it. The memory card is fine for game saves, but as said above DLC will be a no-no, so you won't be able to play on new maps, etc. I also think that there shouldn't be any problem with corrupt game saves if DLC is on one console but not the other, MS wouldn't let a big glitch like that slip past.


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Thanks for the replies so far. Yes in theory he could move the HDD from one house to another.
Yes he plays online all the time and would want to for example maintain his progress on a single player game at mine and transfer to his and vice versa.

Argghh so much to think about lol:)


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Would you want to use the 360 when his is away? if not taking the HDD with him could be easiest

If you do them its possible to put his gamertag and a few saves on a memory card

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