Another “Return” socket query…sorry!


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For the love of Loki please help me! I am going insane here.
So I have a 2021 LG Smart TV with built in Freeview. Ordinarily I don’t care about the live TV bit but I want to watch the football on ITV……and of course the ITV Hub app doesn’t stream live 🙄. I do not have and neither do I want Sky.
it’s a 2 year old house. It has a “Return” socket along with what I assume is a LAN connection and 2 x Sat sockets as per image.
The “Return” socket is female. The aerial connection socket in the TV is female. By happy coincidence I have an aerial cable with 2 male connections so naively assumed all was good. Apparently not. Incidentally - my old “non smart” Samsung had built in Freeview which picked up the freeview channels - albeit a very weak signal and to be fair, it actually couldn’t broadcast a strong enough signal outside the terrestrial channels without that irritating “squeak” before losing it altogether - but it still found the channels.
In my bedroom I have TV and FM/DAB sockets with the TV being a male and FM DAB being female. My old Samsung is now in my room and using the aforementioned cable In to the FM DAB socket I can actually get a good signal for ITV!
The rub is, my LG smart is not finding ANY Freeview channels at all. Not 1. Not a morsel. Nada.
Why?!?! Can I use this “return” socket as a normal aerial socket for just finding my Live Freeview channels? Do I need a funky adaptor to make it so a male female cable works (for which i will clearly need to buy a m/f aerial cable) or is it wholly dependent on Moon Phases and whether Mercury is in retrograde!?! I just want to watch the Football..
thanks in advance. Charlotte


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I'm not an expert, but 'return' to me suggests that it's not connected directly to an aerial and might be used for distributing a signal (from a Sky/satellite box) elsewhere in the house instead. Do you have a distribution amp in the loft or an under-stairs cupboard or perhaps a satellite outlet elsewhere in the house (eg. kitchen or bedroom) that this could be connected to ?

If your Samsung TV picked up Freeview signals using this 'return' socket, then the cable itself may have been acting as an aerial.

Probably the most important thing to check is whether you have a TV aerial in the loft or on the roof ?


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Return in this instance was most likely intended for distribution of $ky RF2 out signals to the rest of the house.

Need to know what's on the end of that Return cable (in loft?).

That one TV works on a FM/DAB filtered outlet is remarkable and would be due to pickup on the cable (outer???) somehow.

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