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Annoying sound lag - Please help!!


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Hoping someone here can point me in the direction of what to do to solve this problem I have. Ill try to keep it as simple as possible as I'm not massively clued up on what I'm talking about!

Basically, I have a Samsung Home Cinema system which has (and continues to) serve me well. I dont use the DVD on it, basically I just use it for 5:1 sound for all my other devices. It has an optical in which I have a lead connected from that to the TV which has optical out. All my devices (PS3, PS4 and 360) are connected via HDMI to the TV and the sound then goes through the TV i suspect and out to the amp.

This has been fine until I recently got my PS4. I knew there was always a tiny bit of sound lag (about maybe a third of a second) on the ps3 and 360 because if I had the sound up on my amp, and the sound up on my TV, the TV would play the sound fractionally before the sound comes out of the amp. The sound coming from the TV to me seems to be correct in terms with what is displaying on the screen.

I could live with this normally, but on the PS4 I notice that alot of sounds and speech etc now come out of the controller. This makes the lag appear way worse as I'm hearing voices out of the controller instantly, and then out of the amp later.

I have the only setting I can find for audio delay on my TV set to 0 and there is a delay option on my amp also which is set as low as it can go. Is there anything I can do about this or do I just have to live with it?

My guess is that I "could" connect the optical cable from the ps4 directly to the amp, but I dont really want to have to keep switching it over when I change devices.

any other ideas?


Just to satisfy my curiosity I connected the optical straight from the console to the amp and the lag is gone. So its being caused by the TV I suspect.
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Don Dadda

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Is there any audio delay option on the ps4? If so, try that an see


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Is there any audio delay option on the ps4? If so, try that an see

I checked that and I cannot see one. It seems to me that its the TV that is causing the delay, even though the delay time on it is zero. If I connect any device optically straight to the cinema system there isnt any sound lag. Its only when I go to the TV via HDMI, then from the TV to the amp via optical that is causing the issue. I've seen various cheap optical switch boxes which I guess I could use so I could have all devices connecting to one optical on the cinema system. Are these considered to be a good workaround, would they cause any other issues/lag?

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