Annoying Samsung LE32R73BDX Issue


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Good afternoon,

I've had this TV for a little while now and I'm not sure if it had the issue when I first bought it. But I have noticed it alot recently especially in films. The issue is that the TV will be dimmer and brighter depending on how bright or dark the image should be. What happens is that the TV will change it's brightness constantly and this can get extremely annoying. With the LE32R41BDX you can keep Dynamic contrast on which was fine, but turn off brightness sensor (I never needed to). But with this newer model there is no way of turning off this annoying feature. Has anyone else experienced or know of this problem? If so, is there any way of getting rid of it?




Change your settings to Movie Mode or disable Dynamic Contrast in the Service Menu.

Sounds like the Dynamic Contrast is playing about !!!

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