Annoying problem with Media Centre Guide



Hi there can anybody please help me. I built myself a media centre PC about 5 months ago, spec below

  1. 2 GHz AMD Athlon 64 processor
  2. Gigabyte motherboard with HD video and HD audio output
  3. DVICO Dual digital TV card
  4. 300Gb SATA Hard drive
  5. 1GB dual RAM

I am running ZoneLabs corporate edition and I also have emule plus running. I have XP Service Pack 2 and all Microsoft patches have been installed. Now to my problem, the Media centre TV guide will simply disappear on a regular basis, and the only way I can get the listings back is to add each channel individually back to the guide. And even worse after a while this action simply crashes Media centre and I have to totally reload the entire TV guide. I have put up with this problem for some time but I am going to be away with work for 3 weeks and if the guide goes missing again, my system will simply not record all my series linked programmes. If other people have experienced this issue and if anybody has a solution please, please let me know your help would be much appreciated




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I used to get this problem, the cause for mine was a weak TV signal. Changed the aerial and coax and now it doesnt happen anymore.

If the signal isnt strong enough MCE has difficulty reading the station ident from the mpeg stream and doesnt know what channels guide data to associate.

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