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Annoying pop-ups


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I am bloomin' annoyed to have picked up some dodgy spyware which is kicking up new browser windows for Winfix 2000 and Dell computers and the like. I am usually puritanical about what goes on my PC, but this little bugger has ducked right under the radar.

I have run Norton Systemworks and the full Anti-virus sweep using the latest definitions and this identified and cleared up a load of crap. I have also run Spy-bot which again identified a number of issues and removed them.

However Spy-bot has also identified a number of areas which it advises are in memory and cannot be removed. It asks me whether it is OK to run on start up, but doesn't seem to want to play.

Any ideas on how I can remove the last remaining bits of spyware which are firing off these requests and changing my homepage ?

The gits who create this sort of **** should be strung up by their **** until they turn blue and drop off, ****ers... :mad:



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you can have as many spyware checkers as you like, but should only run one anti-virus package. You could also try ad-aware, and Microsoft have a new free spy checker. Of course always keep anti-virus and spyware up to date by downloading the latest definitions

Good luck

Dr Diversity

Usually the trio of AVG, MS antispy and Spy Bot do it for me, good luck


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Hi chaps

Tried running Ad-aware SE and Spy-Bot and both identify a number of errors and have removed many, however some still remain which I am advised by the software cannot be removed until the system is started.

When I restart I have a Dos type screen appear stating that it is trying to run VCCclient.exe (I believe), and then a new icon appears on my desktop called Freeprodb.exe - and then the pop-ups reappear as soon as I connect to the net.

Any further advice - as I feel so violated and dirty - and not in a good way...



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hmmmmm, not good news but last time one of my friends got one of these little friendlies we ended up formatting his drive and starting over.

You could get the name of the spyware and look on the net for a manual removal method. That may be best.


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A good suggestion as long as you don't let it lull you into the sense of false security that Firefox is invulnerable to attack or anything as it does have a set of its own issues but kept up to date, is less targeted than IE.

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