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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by mulcahya, Nov 27, 2001.

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    Hi All,

    I have a Cyrus AV5 receiver (avec DVD7 and other Cyrus friends) and was wondering how I can turn off the display for late night viewing. A full rack of glowing lights (from the power/standby LED's) and displays can really throw a lot of unwanted light into the room which distracts from viewing movies, especially when I manage to nick the projector from work on weekends.

    Naturally I can't do much about the LED's but you should be able to turn the displays on or off as needed.

    I can turn off the display on the DVD7 with the handset 'disp' button (that wasn't too hard to figure out) but there is no such button on the default handset that comes with the AV5. And naturally, given Cyruses quasi component integration philosophy, the display lights on the AV5 are not dimmed when you push the 'disp' button on the DVD7 handset. Thought, thoughtfully enough, you can control most of the functions on the AV5 with the DVD7 handset, just not the display.

    The trouble with the AV5 is that it's the work offender when it comes to displays. It throws off so much light that pilots from the local airstrip have been complaining.

    So, does anyone have ideas how I can control the display on the AV5, or do I have to buy another mystery handset for this extra function? Will this mystery handset be finally able to control all sources (DVD, CD and Tuner) from the one device or is that a pipe-dream?


    PS Here are some other operational quirks with the Cyrus stuff:
    - You turn the AV5 processor on (with either the AV5 handset or from the front panel) and the Tuner, CD player and Amps turn on (correct) but the DVD7 does not (incorrect). Thankfully, turning on the DVD7 with handset turns on everything.
    - If you dim the display on the DVD7, pressing any key on the handset (that corresponds to a DVD7 command) re-activates the display. So everyone who's watching the movie then looks at the display and you have to turn off the display again.....Argh!

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