Annoying Flickr Mentions in 'girlie' pics.


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Every day for the past 3 days I've been 'mentioned/tagged' (along with thousands of other Flickr users) on photos of some random selfie of a girl in a 'suggestive' pose/outfit. It's either people 'having a laugh' or Jim's mail order brides trying to drum up business or something, but how can I stop it?
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STOP IT!!!! - YOU should be sharing it on Facebook :devil:


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I'm just getting the girlie pics, not the annoying ones ;)


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Probably should not use the hashtag me too for this one ...

markie g

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Same here @snerkler

I believe if you go to:
Flickr > Settings > Privacy & permissions > "Who can add you to a photo?"

I've changed mine to "people that i follow" and haven't had any since.


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What does it say about my popularity that I'm not even getting tagged? :)
...thought they were from your Flickr Account ? :confused:


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Gotta laugh. Chap I am with here today had loads on his flickr account and his wife went ape thinking he had been visiting some dodgy site.


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Can't be Jim's, Snerks.

He gets his mail order brides from Poundland :eek:

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