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Annoying Facebook Issue


Distinguished Member
Can anyone tell me.... 2 times now in the last few weeks, I have signed in and noticed that my account has sent comments to friends walls...... seems to be advertising spam like weight loss pills or work from home rubbish.

How is this happening? How can someone seemingly send spam from someone elses account?


Distinguished Member
Sounds like someone knows your log-in details. Change them asap.


Distinguished Member
I doubt my sign in credentials have been compromised (although I have now changed my password) If someone wanted to hack my facebook page, they would surely have done more damage than sending 2 advertising links around to people. I suspect an app which is causing these problems.


Distinguished Member
As far as i know, apps do not have the means of sending wall posts from your account to your friends?


Well-known Member
Go into preferences and stop all apps from sending messages or as mentioned get rid of apps all together. The world world be a better place without: Sending a beer, hugs, kisses, notes, videos, joining mafia or pirate crews, thinking of people, owning people, or challenging anyone to crap trivia challenges.




Distinguished Member
It's those bloody apps. I've removed all the apps and removed the access rights to "post on my behalf".

Dig deep into the settings and lock down your privacy settings.

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