Annoying bug after updating 3.112 firmware (55fz800). Is it possible to downgrade?


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I have a 55fz800. Amazing picture quality.
Last week I upgraded to new 3.112 and since then I have an annoying bug. I'd appreciate if anyone can check if it is happening in its TV.

I use both netflix and prime video internal apps and my picture mode is always THX cinema with IFC off, both with or without HDR.

What happens now is that every time I watch prime video HDR content the picture mode is set to TRUE cinema with IFC min. I change it and next boot, it is again at TRUE cinema. Netflix app is ok.

I'm using both apps since 2 years ago and this is happening just after 3.112 from 3.108 upgrade so I'd say it is not a prime app fault.

I have a sequence to reproduce the bug.

1) Turn on the TV. Open Netflix and play some HDR (The witcher). THX as expected. Turn it off.
2) Then turn it on again, Open prime and play some HDR (Boys). True cinema appears.

If I change to THX cinema it works for this session. But as soon as I repeat the test (i.e. netflix and then prime), I'll have True cinema again.

Anyone else with this problem?

Is there a way to revert the firmware to 3.108? I've seen that you can update from a usb drive but I'm not sure if a downgrade is possible.



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No, Panasonic, like most manufacturers, block downgrades. Better to raise the issue with Panasonic. Good luck with that!


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I have the FZ952 and mine has always reverted to True Cinema when watching content on Amazon. Doesn't do it for Netflix though, weird.

I have mine set to ISF night (calibrated).


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Same on my EZ952. The Amazon App defaults to True Cinema for 4K HDR each time it's opened. I have to manually change it to one of the ISF (Pro) Modes.

Also found that despite copying the True Cinema calibrated settings to all Inputs it never stores them for the Amazon App. Weirdly enough, both ISF Day (Pro 1) and ISF Night (Pro 2) do copy and save correctly (although I still have to manually select one of them).

Netflix is fine though, so I suspect it's something to do with the Amazon App.

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