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    It took quite a bit of work, but I've completely rewrote the code behind the Options Dialog. Right now it looks nearly identical. But with the new code in place, Zoom Player loads slightly faster, takes A LOT less Windows 95/98/ME resources and allow me to create alternative options dialogs (such as an Advanced/Simple interfaces or possibly even an Options Navigator interface).

    Now, these are the positive effects of the code rewrite. The negative is that the rewrite effected basically every single function on the options dialog, possibly introducing new bugs.

    Hence the beta version. I need people to check out and tell me if something that worked in v2.90 beta 1 no longer works in beta 2. Be detailed and double check that in doesn't work in beta 1 as false reports will just drain my limited time.

    Aside from this rewrite, I've also added a few more features and fixed a few unrelated bugs/issues, see below for the full list.

    Changes from v2.80:
     New :
     * New Toggle (Options -> Toggles) allowing you to have the Control Bar
       aligned to the Tom/Bottom of the Monitor when in windowed mode.
       Set to either Top or Bottom, overrides all other Control Bar position
     * New Setting (Options -> Settings -> Interface) allowing you to detach
       the Control Bar from the user interface.  The position of the Control
       Bar in Window and Fullscreen modes are remembered independently.
       Can also be accessed by middle clicking the Control Bar.
     * New DVD Setting (Options -> DVD -> DVD Settings) allowing you to set
       the Closed Caption Background to Transparent (otherwise Opaque).
     * New Audio Balance (stereo) interface.  Using the Alt+Shift+"," and
       Alt+Shift+"." keys you can move the Audio Balance Left to Right.
     * New Open Drive Function (Shift+"D") allowing you to open every file
       on the drive according to the allowed extension list (Options ->
       Values -> Other).  The code also checks if the drive contains a
       VCD, SVCD or DVD disc and only opens the appropriate files accordingly.
     * If the Tray icon is visible, hovering the mouse cursor over it will
       now show the open File Name or DVD Volume.
     * New Command Line Parameter allowing you to set the keyboard file,
       Example: "c:\path\to\exe\zplayer.exe" "/key:c:\path\to\key\keyfile.key"
     * New Skinning interface (not implemented on default skin) allowing you
       to create an Audio Balance Control on the user interface.  It works
       similar to the Play Rate Control and implemented through the
       BlanaceExData skinning function.
     * New "TimelineCursor" Skinning Variable allowing you to set the cursor
       used for timeline seeking.
     * New FillMask skinning helper function for easily filling skin areas
       with a mask of another bitmap (useful for backgrounds with transparent
     * OGG Audio files can be used as external audio tracks.
     * VASTLY! Reduced the Windows 95/98/ME system resources used by
       Zoom Player, Zoom Player now takes around 6% resources compared to
       around 30% v2.80 used.  This of course doesn't have any effect
       on Windows 2K/XP as they don't have such a limited widget resource
       bank to begin with.
     * Zoom Player should load a bit faster now (not that it was slow to
       load to begin with).
     * The Custom Context-Menu interface has been completely revamped, there
       are no more fixed items and more functions are accessible.  Backward
       support for the previous custom menu interface won't be supported,
       however, it doesn't take more than 2 minutes to manually convert.
     * The default Context-Menu for the Media, DVD and Tray interfaces has
       been sorted and expanded.
     * The Association dialog now shows you which extensions are associated
       and allows you to remove association.
     * The File Navigator interface now uses the Open Drive button when using
       the Insert key on a drive letter.
     * Separated the Custom Audio Device to Media and DVD so you can decide
       if it affects one or the other (or neither).
     * The Next/Previous Chapter buttons now act as Next/Previous Tracks when
       no chapters are defined.  When Chapters are defined they will only
       change tracks if you are on the last/first chapters.  This allows
       you to cross-chapter media files.
     * New Overlay Color automated verification system that double checks if
       DirectShow is returning the correct overlay color used in OSD
       transparency.  This is required due to bugs in such filters as the
       WinDVD v4 Video Decoder which modifies the overlay color code for some
       unknown reason.
     * The vlLeft and vlTop skin parameters have been moved into the
       VolumeExData function and should no longer be used in future skins.
     * The rtLeft, rtTop parameters and RateData function has been integrated
       into a new "RateExData" function for further skinning simplification.
     * The skinning documentation has moved from the plasticblue to the
       brownish skin as it is updated to much all the new functions.
     * The red error dialog now has a "Close" button on them, some people
       were unaware they could be closed by pressing Escape or Clicking on
       the dialog.
     * The Previous/Next filter file functions have been removed, if you
       plan to use a filter file, you must select it through the options
     * Screen centering functions should now center on the active monitor
       and not on the virtual screen coordinates for better multi-monitor
     * Wrote a DirectShow workaround a bug that failed to notify the player
       when exiting a Menu mode when playing from a Bookmark.
     * The Next Audio Track didn't work with the new OGM DirectShow filter.
     * Fixed a problem when the Override VMR setting was enabled and you
       simply wouldn't see any video.
     * The TransBitmapCopy function was not working properly.
     * Fixed a bug that could cause crashes on non-english versions of
     * Fixed a problem that would alter the DVD Background Image aspect
     * Using the new DrawExText would cause position covered by the
       text not to react to mouse clicks.
     * Open Filter Property Pages should no longer mess up buttons with
       Hover Graphics.
     * Fixed possible crashes (multiple divide by zero) with Scene Cut files.
     * Clicking the mouse on the Play List Navigator could pop an error dialog.
     * Fixed a few possible crashes involving versions of windows that didn't
       use "." as a fraction separator.
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