Announcing Zoom Player v2.80 release candidate 2



This is the final preview before v2.80 final.

All confirmed bugs have been squashed, there are quite a few changes, even since RC1.

Please look for any bugs/glitches as I plan to release the final version this weekend.

Unlike previous betas/rc this version contains all the files so you don't need any previous installation. Simply overwrite older files to install.

Here's the change list since v2.71:
can't list changes, messages are limited to only 10000 characters!

Download the latest beta here.
Originally posted by Blight
Here's the change list since v2.71:
can't list changes, messages are limited to only 10000 characters!

Now I know why these forums run so fast compared to a certain other av forum :D . I will checkout the latest greatest Zoom Player release, although the last one was very stable as always on my PC :cool:

I really like the new features like 'audio mute' and scene cut options, really handy when the young ones want to watch some films which have some dubious scenes that I can now cut out :).

A few ideas anyway..

*) I remember trying the slow motion feature and it worked really well on my PC, maybe you could experiment with a 'film speed' option for PAL DVD's which basically play the movie back 4% slower than normal using the same code as the slow motion feature?.

*) Add a MEDIA submenu like the DVD submenu, and have say Media Tools tab with trailer option and AUTO AR for media files.
AutoAR works due to Flags in the DVD stream which actually tell you what the AR of the movie should be, there are no such flags in most video formats.

The thing about converting PAL back to NTSC is that you not only need to make it 4% slower, you also need to fix the audio pitch. And this doesn't really work in DVD Mode at all.
So how does the 'Source Aspect Ratio' function work then?. If I choose a media file with 16:9 aspect ratio or 2.35:1 aspect ratio zoomplayer works out the correct aspect ratio for the media file. Could an option next to each 'Source Aspect Ratio' it finds have a preset attached to it.

For example

'Source Aspect Ratio' option is ticked

Load up a 16:9 movie and zoomplayer identifies it has 16:9 and uses preset #1

Load up a 2.35:1 movie and zoomplayer identifies it has 2.35:1 and uses preset #2

I will have a look at the audio pitch, but for media files this works fine. I will just check it with the DVD and see what happens :)
In DVD, letterbox movies, while appearing widescreen, are actually 4:3, the black bars are encoded into the video.

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