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There are a few alternatives when it comes to iPad Air 2 keyboard cases and most follow one of two styles - the clip on front cover type that leaves the back of the iPad exposed and the leather folio type that open up to a fixed position for typing. The Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case is of the folio type but articulates in such a way to allow you to use the iPad screen with the keyboard safely hidden out of the way underneath when not required.

Included in the package are the keyboard case, micro USB charge cable and instruction manual. The keyboard is obviously only slightly larger than the iPad but thicker to accommodate the keyboard giving measurements of 252 x 180 x 18mm and weighing in at 390g. On initial inspection, the case is made from plastic as opposed to leather which at this price point is no surprise. Thankfully, the quality of construction is good and it doesn't look or feel cheap. The iPad is held in place by secure plastic clips which are lined with a cushioning rubber material - they feel strong and I have no concerns over things slipping. You have full access to all parts of your iPad including the camera although buttons such as volume and power are recessed far enough in to require you to poke a finger in to access. The case is securely closed by magnets and this is also true when the case is propped up at a suitable angle for typing or watching videos.

The Bluetooth keyboard is obviously around the same dimensions as the iPad Air 2 and the keys have a good range of movement for the size and respond well. Power is supplied by the built in rechargeable battery which is rated as good for 6 months between charges with around 2 hours use per day.

The area around the keyboard features a soft to the touch material that will protect your screen from knocks or scratches when closed up.
The right edge of the keyboard houses the micro USB charging port allowing you to charge it up even when closed up in the case. Bluetooth and Power indicators on the top right keeps you informed of the status of the device. There is no physical on / off switch, the keyboard is powered on when opened up and the iPad rests on the magnetic strip above the keyboard. This is an unusual but classy solution that proved faultless in use.

Pairing is achieved by simply turning on the keyboard and holding down the function and Bluetooth keys - the led will flash blue when available for pairing. A four digit pass code is required and this is a one time setup. Once paired, the keyboard subsequently reconnects automatically when powered on. When typing, there was absolutely no lag and performance was great. The keyboard felt very good to type on considering the slim chassis and function keys also work with iOS features so you can, for instance, change volume or brightness amongst others, directly without using the screen.

The keyboard comes with a proper UK layout which is great to see and sets it apart from many similar products as they often only ship with a US keyboard - it's always nice to have it properly localised. It also features power saving where it will drop into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity and can be awoken quickly at the tap of a key.

Anker have a vast selection of great peripherals & accessories and I think this Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case is one of the best. I'm genuinely struggling to find any negatives with this case. The internal styling and the ability to lay the iPad flat on top of the keyboard make this a unique choice and a refreshing alternative. The performance as expected is flawless and this is just simply a great all round package.

Disclaimer. Many thanks to Anker for supplying this unit for review. As always my reviews are objective and only of my own opinion and are in no way influenced by the supplying company.

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