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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by PoochJD, Jun 29, 2001.

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    Hi All,

    If you love quality animation that is both hysterically funny, as well as being a true classic of its time, or you love Anime, like I do, then you simply must get "Urusei Yatsura - TV Series Volume 1"!

    A young man, Ataru, is already in love, when he is picked by an alien species to play a game of Tag with their sexiest female, Lum. If he loses, she gets to marry him. (Something Ataru does not want!) If he wins, she has to help him get his current girlfriend to fall truly in love with him!

    It's bizzare, it's hilarious, and occasionally puerile, but always gut-bustingly funny! No other animation series can mix gender-politics, sexual harrasement laws, science-fiction, and comedy in quite the same way as this series does!

    I highly recommend this title, to everyone. Each disc lasts 100 minutes, and has 4 episodes. All are subtitled in English only, and have extensive Liner Notes included, although no other extras. The picture is good, considering its age - 1981, and the audio is stereo only, but still good for what it is.

    However, one downside: the entire series will take 50 DVD's to complete! There's 196 episodes in total, so this is going to take a while to complete! :eek:


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