Animating photos - there must be better software out there!?!



I am searching for a tool to create animations of photos and am puzzled by what I've found - or rather, what I couldn't find. Specifically, I've been trying to make an animation out of 75 jpg-images, each around 30KB which makes a total of about 2.2MB. The solution should be pretty simple: Something that can display a sequence of jpg-images with a given delay between each image. Since most of the image is the same from frame to frame, you'd imagine that there would be software out there that can create an animation from jpg-files, with the animation file being significantly smaller than the original jpg-files added up.
I've tried combining the frames to an mpg-clip with a video editor, and I've tried to make gif-animations. Both give much worse image quality PLUS much larger files than the original jpgs combined!

Now there is a small, simple freeware program called Animator 9 that can combine jpg-images (unfortunately not as many as I want) to one large jpg-file. Then it makes an html-file which uses a small java applet file to handle the large jpg. These two files are only a few KB, and together they can run an animated sequence of jpgs in your browser. When it's that simple, how come all the animation software out there can only create bulky, low quality gif-animations? How can a solution that has been so inferior for so long not have been replaced when it's so simple to make it much better? (I'm not saying the gif-format doesn't have its uses, only that it's inferior for this purpose.)

If anybody knows how to go about animating jpgs and what software to use, I will be very happy to know!


Both Flash & Shockwave will do what you want. Both programs are pretty expensive but there is a much much cheaper, non Macromedia, program that creates Flash animations but for the life of me I can't remember what its called. Try googling it.

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