Animal Crossing


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Has anyone got this one yet? Groundy? I'm really intrigued to hear the opinion of someone English about this game, as the premise behind it looks excellent, and something I really would enjoy. At the moment of course we don't have a European release date, but it is being released in Oz, so I suppose I could always import it from there.


Is it def being released over there? I was just thinking about importing the US version.... The concept is pretty ace but I know it will be overlooked by many... Also don't forget to look out for the new Harvest Moon on the Gamecube (mid 2003). If you've never played a Harvest Moon title before then I suggest picking up the PSX version for a tenner since its an improved port of the N64 original. Well worth it IMO as the hours will fly by...


I have Animal Crossing.....

It's concept, is, as you both said, very good. But be warned, it needs to be played and I mean PLAYED to enjoy it and get every ounce of what it has to offer.

Once you are up and running, it runs in real time, so if you don't play it for a day or two, then a day or two has gone by in your town and you may well miss stuff. Also things like shops etc are only open on certain days and at certain times, this sometimes means gameplay in the wee small hours!!

There is a lot to do, and it certainly keeps you occupied. New people keep moving into your town, so you need to introduce yourself to them. You also need to keep the town clean (by weeding) and get involved with people. Although I will be truthful, it does sometimes get boring doing the same thing over and over (ie: running errands for your friends or the shopkeeper in order to earn money).

I got the guide too, and it does help you know who is open, when and where, which saves a lot of wandering around.

It's a game that needs a lot of your time. At least with Harvest Moon, when you stop playing, you start again where you left off, and no time has passed, but not so in Animal Crossing.

My overall opinion is that it's a game worth purchasing, as long as it's your "thing". Don't be put off by the cutesy graphics, there's a hell of a lot underneath if you care to spend the time on it.

Mrs Taz. :kisses:


Exactly, its more of a cult game of sorts. Have you traded any items with anyone yet? Or designed your own wallpaper, shirts, etc? Try hooking it up to your GBA as well for more goodies ^_^ And your E-Card reader for even more items...

Can't wait for Harvest Moon on the GameCube though... As for now I need another mem card for the PSX so I can finish off my game. Just got married to er.. I think the bar lady in the game (forgot her name though! ::runs:: ). Need to wise up on my cooking as well. Tried to make a curry but it didn't quite work out >_< Still, I can make a mean boiled egg <g>


This game is totally and utterly amazing. I bought it for my son's birthday as well as Starfox Adventures which was the game he'd expressed an interest in and well, A/C is the one that has barely been out of the machine. It has been played every single day since October 16th.
I agree with micksowner though, you might have to give it time. We didn't bother with a guide, most of the fun is just wandering around chatting to people, fishing, catching bugs etc. I know it sounds crazy how a game that has no real objective, bad guys, mission statement other than you having to live in a village full of animals could be so immersive but it is.
I mean, I'm a grown man for goodness' sake but yesterday Gabi stole my T-rex torso off me (I was wanting to collect a full specimen to put in my basement) so I went and sent letters to everyone telling them what an evil rabbit she was, then I dumped my rotten turnips outside her house just to make me feel better.
Or how yesterday I caught a 26" large bass and was winning the fishing tourney right until the last hour when Stinky went and caught a 27 incher - curse him!!!
It helps if you get other people (preferably three) to live in the village with you as most of the fun has been in interacting with the rest of the family, knowing what furniture they're collecting and finding it for them and sending it as a present or burying it a-la treasure hunt style.
I know it won't be everyone's bag but I'll say that my favourite types of games are first person shooters and yet this crazy, little fluffy game is one of the best and most original things I've ever played.....


And to think that this game was originally ment to be online too ^_^ I really do have to get this game... Hopefully someone will make a device for the Gamecube so you can put your save games up on the net and trade data because if you put an a mates save game you will basically hop onto a train and visit their unique village for more fun.

Lets hope that Nintendo will expand on this series in the future... Online maybe?


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Hehe, that is the funniest review I have read for a long time Logan!!!

The game looks like so much fun!

Would most probably get my flatmates GF involved too, she doesn't take too well to Beachspikers :p



My wife won't touch videogames with a septic stick, but can we get her off Animal Crossing? Nooooo!!! It's always "I'm just going to open my mail, go shopping, catch some fish, pay off my mortgage, dig up some fossils" etc etc.
I'm going to have to hide the memory card.....

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