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Angry Kid fans - read this!


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If you love Aardman animations (the people behind Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run et al), then you should have heard of "Angry Kid".

Well Season 2 is now out, in Australia only, on a PAL, Region-Free DVD, for about £14 including P&P to the UK!

I ordered mine from EzyDVD! Am really looking forward to this! :)



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Glad to be of help. Actually, I should have explained the disc a bit better.

In the UK, Aardman Animations released all of Season 1 on one-disc, with a few extras. However, this Australian, region-free disc, contains all of Season 1 and all of Season 2 on the same disc! Plus they also get more extras too, including some decent behind-the-scenes stuff! :clap:

The following is a list of all AK's adventures, to the best of my knowledge:

Cotton Bud, Buzz Off, Backward (aka Backwards Writing), Goalie!, Blood Juice, Superhero, Captain Thunderpants, Car Sick, Bored, Bone, Queen's Speech, Speed, Road Hog, Sex Ed (aka Sex Education), Chips, Hoax Call (aka Directory Enquiries), Hardface, Love Bite, Wee Wee, Swearing, Headlights, Sneeze, Headlights, Horror, Kidnap, Thanks 10 Million! (aka Charity), Doll, Russian Roulette, Bored Game, Dustbin, Cake, Card Trick, Strange Trip, Chemistry, Sex Call, P__s, Puerile, Snail, Tourettes, I Spy, Curious, W___er, Catapult, and Stinky. (There are about 8 episodes I just cannot find details or title names for! Sorry. :( However all 50 episodes will be included on teh Australian DVD!)

There was also the Christmas 2004 BBC3 special called "Who Do I Think I Am?" which is a 25-minutes one-off semi-documentary episode. This has not been included on the DVD, as it wasn't completed when the Australian DVD was released (which was in July 2004!)

At least it'll be good to see all of Season 2! There are 50 animations in total, in existance, that have been completed and aired, of which some were only shown on BBC3 as between-show time-fillers. (Bear in mind some of these films last less than 1 minute each!) So, I really hope this Australian DVD does genuinely contain all of the films, and isn't just a mis-labelled version of the UK disc.

"Captain Thunderpants and Captain B___ernuts, to the rescue, to fight off their arch-nemesis - the evil Dr Arserot! :devil: "


P.S. You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to get an episode list for this show! I'm shocked that there isn't one available on the Net at all somewhere. Phew! :zonked: The work I do for you folks! ;)


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Yeah I guessed it was the season1&2 together, that's what I have ordered from ezydvd, just checked & looks like it has been despatched.

B*gger! Didn't know there was a Christmas special, was it any good?


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The Christmas Special - "Who Do I Think I Am?" was quite good, albeit very different from a normal AK episode. Alongside some of the usual humour, there was also some interesting semi-documentary type footage, which added some poignancy to the character of Angry Kid.

It was an interesting oddity.

if u have a 3 fone there on there as well


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I've managed to compile the following info, which may prove useful to those of you wanting this disc. Enjoy! :)

Season 1 (filmed in 4:3 Full Frame)
1-01 Car Sick*
1-02 Bored
1-03 Goalie
1-04 Blood Juice
1-05 Road Hog
1-06 Stinky!
1-07 Headlights
1-08 Cotton Bud
1-09 Sex Education
1-10 Bone*
1-11 Captain Thunderpants
1-12 Swearing (aka Swearing 1)
1-13 Queen's Speech
1-14 Hard Face
1-15 Chips
1-16 Superhero
1-17 Love Bite
1-18 Buzz-Off!
1-19 Backwards Writing
1-20 Hoax Call*
1-21 Wee-Wee
1-22 Speed
1-23 Sneeze
1-24 Horror
1-25 Kidnap

Season 2 (Widescreen)
2-01 W_nker
2-02 Catapult
2-03 I-Spy
2-04 Sex Call (aka Chatline)
2-05 Strange Trip
2-06 Card Trick
2-07 Philosophical
2-08 Puerile (aka Gas Mask, aka F_rting!)
2-09 Curious
2-10 Russian Roulette: Nice 'n Nasty
2-11 Tourettes (aka Swearing 2)
2-12 P__s
2-13 Swollen
2-14 Bad News (aka Death!)
2-15 Cake (aka Birthday)
2-16 Chemistry (aka The Invisible Boy)
2-17 Dustbin
2-18 Dolly
2-19 Sofa Attack
2-20 Snail (aka Window Cleaning)
2-21 Jackanory
2-22 Marathon Man (aka Explosive!)
2-23 Road Safety
2-24 Birdy (aka Christmas 2002)
2-25 What Are You Like?

Christmas Special 2004
01 Who Do I Think I Am? (20 minutes)

* = Exists in different versions: one on the UK disc, and another version on the Australian disc. (I will list the differences soon, in a further post in this thread.)

UK DVD details:
- Contains Season 1 only.
- Subtitles for the Hard Of Hearing
- Season 2 Trailer
- Three foreign-language episodes
- Play All function (omits credits, and has different episode intros)
- Play individual episodes
- Season 1 Montage (with AK performing his own '70's retro TV/Film background music :D )
- Making-Of Angry Kid (in incorrect ratio! :mad: )
- Police Report (with audio reading)
- School Report
- Director's Cut
- Fully-animated menus
- Limited-Edition Packaging
- PAL Region 2 encoding
- Certificate 15

Australian DVD
- Contains Seasons 1 and 2.
- Making-Of Angry Kid (in the correct, 16:9 widescreen format :clap: )
- Police Report (no audio reading)
- School Report
- Season 1 in 4:3
- Season 2 in 16:9 widescreen
- Play All function
- Play Season 1 function
- Play Season 2 function
- PAL Region 0 encoding
- Certificate MA15+

Out of the two versions, I'd have to vote for the Australian, Region-Free disc, purely because you get more AK for your money! However, the missing extras from the Region 2 version, are sorely missed, as are the excellent fully-animated moving menus, and the Hard Of Hearing subtitles. It's a shame, that this great show, has been treated so shabbily on disc! :(


P.S. Season 2 rocks! "Puerile" is without a doubt, my fave episode! It's side-splittingly tasteless, and yet deliciously hilarious in a very childish way! Quite possibly the finest 90-seconds of animation I've ever seen! :clap:


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I hope some of you get to read this message in-time: BBC3 is repeating the - Angry Kid: Christmas 2004 Special entitled "Who Do I Think I Am?" at 7:30pm and then again at 1:45am.

Don't forget!! :)



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The "Angry Kid" Christmas Special - WHo Do I Think I Am? - is being repeated again on BBC3, later this week (late-night on Thursday 10th March) at 1am!

Don't forget! ;)


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