Angry Birds on Samsung Smart TVs?


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TV Reviewers' output set for dramatic downturn

From a personal standpoint, it's good news that Angry Birds is continuing its bid for world domination with its launch on Samsung's Smart TV platform from today. Had it have been last week, I would never have got this PS51E8000 review done, such is the extent of my addiction. The review will be up tomorrow, by the way!

The E8000 is now back in the box so we can't 100% confirm it is there yet but the photo below would suggest it is certainly on its way (is it me or does that TV not look 16:9?). The game will be controlled by gestures, thanks to the built-in cameras in the top-tier models. Others that want to play will need to buy a compatible plug-in accessory.

The courier isn't due until tea-time, oh the temptation!



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golden phoenix

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cheers mark look forward to the review:thumbsup:

golden phoenix

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Small change of plan GP - we've a group test and the ES8000 review going up first now, followed by the E8000 tomorrow. Busy busy:)

always like your reviews posted on fridays as it gives me something to obsess over on the weekends :laugh:

thanks for keeping me informed

and the picture looks a little mocked up to me...
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Is this on the 2012 models only Mark?


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Mark Hodgkinson said:
We've still seen nothing official from Samsung but only the 2012 models feature gesture control....

Of course gesture control, I totally forgot about that feature.

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