Angel - tonight(tuesday) - spoiler


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How good was angel tonight.

Spike got his arms back!. Cordy returns, with her loose buttoned shirts and her mystic charms!.

Harm giving Eve a good slap.

Great one-liners, great fight, and yes, the downbeat ending, for one of the shows great characters, def miss her, I was so wrapped up in the show, I never saw the cliffhanger coming.



must see - angel in 2 weeks I think - called , 'smile time', - the muppets come to wolfram and hart, well sort off!.


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Yes it was a good episode :clap: :smashin: . I worked it out about a minute or 2 before it happened .

I have heard alot about this episode being really good, as good as hush and onnce more with feeling. I hope it is.


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Loved the part where Angle doesn't want to torture Eve and Harmony jumps in and slaps here about and then looks at Angle and asks "is this alright". :rotfl:

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I thought it was a great episode and I had forgotten how much I had missed Charisma's 'loose buttoned shirts and mystic charms'!

It showed in that episode exactly what is missing in this current series and also some of last series. Obviously there are other factors such as the change in direction of the show, but I think the Cordelia character was essential to Angel and writing her out of it is another reason why I am not too sad the current series is the last.

Also the vampire population must be growing now, Angel used to stake several vampires every week, but can't remember the last time he did that!



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I agree it was one of the best episodes of Angel thus far. However, I had thought Charisma Carpenter wanted to leave so Cordelia was written out accordingly.
I am v annoyed it is the last series as there is still much they could do with the characters imho. But hey, I'm not a US tv network exec!

Greg Hook

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Charisma in no way wanted to leave.

I will have a look on the web and see if I can find her response to being written out.

I also think this was in SFX magazine aswell. AFAIK she was very annoyed with being written out. She did want a break for her pregnancy but didn't want to leave.



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i agree absolutely fantastic episode
great to see Cordy back to how she used to be with the great 1 liners not like last season where she was evil/pregnant and very boring
i worked out straight away what had happened when angel walked into her hospital room and she quickly whipped the curtain round the bed


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I hear that this was a good ep. However, I think the current series is so poor that I have stopped watching it :(
The episodes that did it for me were the one where Lorne's id manifested itself as an incredible hulk and the one where Harmony ordered a camel. Jesus, what were they thinking?
I think that some humour is needed, but this is taking it a bit too far.


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