Angel tonight - reminder/ spoiler


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Just to say that 'Smile time' is on tonite.

Angel gets turned into a muppet. Some people will find it hard to tell the difference!.



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are we taking ourselves seriously? Angel for me was superb entertainment, lots of gore, fighting, demons and fit chicks, since they moved into their offices the whole show has gone donhill, last night was just taking the p...ss

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Although last nights Angel was funny and one of the better episodes, I do think the series is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

The show has really changed from previous series. The main difference being no Cordelia, that character brought great humour, scenes etc to the show and this was highlighted in the recent excellent episode where Cordelia briefly returned.

Also the change in main venue. The Wolfram and Hart office is just not as good as the hotel and office that they used to have. The sense of danger and doing good is not there anymore. Plus the core of Angel was him going out and saving people from vampires and occasionally other monsters, but if you look at how many vampires Angel has dusted so far this season compared to previous seasons it is a lot less. I used to enjoy and look forward to Angel and initially I was disappointed that it is being cancelled but now I am not too bothered.
It's the lack of budget that is killing angel. Every season previous they were often out and about in the, erm, batmobile. Now they are stuck in the office all the time, never going out on location.

The season 5 budget cut was huge. The law offices, unlike the hotel lobbey, were already there (Liar Liar for example, features the exact same set) so they didn't even have to pay for the change in sets.


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like I said, when they moved into their offices the whole thing went downhill, main problem for me is I only signed up to sky so we could get sky 1 specifically for ANGEL, now I wish I hadn't bothered, absolute crap!
the main problem if im right is the writing. didnt Tim Minear one of the writers leave at the end of season 4 to do another show (called wonderfalls).

since he left the brought in the writter who did season 6 and 7 of buffy. and they wernt as good as the previos 5 and went down hill. so why bring in the writer from buffy who made the show get cancelled?

correct me if im wrong about any of this
I don't think buffy was ever cancelled, SMG just didn't want to do anymore, and you can't have buffy without buffy.

I do agree that Tim Minear and also David Greenwalt are being sorely missed and are my fav buffy and angel writers. Tim Minear done Firefly and then Wonderalls after Angel. However I wouldn't go so far as to say that without him, angel is crap, but saying that I do much prefer seasons 1, 2, and 3, in which Minear was heavily invloved.

I do agree about season 6 and 7 of buffy, utter crap writing by Steven S. DeKnight and Bun "the tick" Edlund imho. Evertime I see their names on season 5 angel I do cringe.

Season 2 was the best season for me, because of the superb writing by Shawn Ryan, who left to create "The Shield".

Wonderfalls is supposed to be brilliant, but it wont be shown in America, so I doubt we will ever see it here or on DVD.:(
the loss of the writer is one point that hasn't helped but cordelia leaving and angel now not having a love interest doesn't help add all these together this makes the show go down hill fast


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Surprised that no one mentined last season (Season 4?), with the whole season-long story line of the Beast and Jasmine.

For my money, that was the best season of Angel or Buffy I've seen, especially the episodes with the Beast which finally addressed the whole apocalypse-prophecy and gave Angel a chance to show why he is a champion.

I do agree that Cordy is sorely missed this season, but Spike is a nice addition to the team.

Tuesday's episode was pretty good, the highlight being the large, round blue muppet with only a horn for a mouth.




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last night's episode is getting back to how it should be, at least they left their offices for once, now we have fred turned into some sort of super being, plot is pretty predicatble though cos whatever beast she is and no matter how strong, Angel and the team always triumph, pity they cannot kill fred off she is too puny for my liking, cordy was much better, size 12 or 14 instead of 8!!!!


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Fred is more like an american size 2/4 :D

If your not careful there it will shatter into a thousand pieces - when done with the appropriate stake :devil:

Cordy is more like a 12 - but now she has just had a baby the hips will take that into 12-14. - SHe would require a somewhat more substantial stake.


I agree last nights episode is where they need to go (Willow -esk - from Buffy) - and Angel needs to reassert his status as hero, which he cant do all the time spike is around.


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Yes how good was last night. Did wesley really shoot a employee in the leg!.

And when Lorn said to eve, 'sing anything from Dionne Warwick', and i will kill you', maybe expect 'rythmn of the night!'.

And how good did fred look after coming out of her shell body. Nice blue tints.



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I think last nights episode showed what great directing and writing does to a episode.

I really like this episode.

Spoiler below highlight to read.

I thought the bit were lorne turned around and caught fred was reallly good as he read her when she started singing so knew what was going to happen. I also liked the bit where lorne turned nasty on eve showed a side I had not seen before. So is this the reason why wolf ram and hart wanted Agel and gang to go to the LA offices ?

Joss Wheden Wrote and Directed the episode if you were wondering. :D

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