Angel cancelled


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Great...:( Apart from 24 is there anything good for next year? (assuming 24 gets a fourth season?)

Series 5 of Angel has been a bit slow but I can predict what it's leading up to and I'm sure it will be very impressive. Even after just 5 episodes series 5 has had some great stand-out moments.

IMO series 3 was the best Angel series, so you've got something very good to look forward to IMO. Series 4 was also brilliant but slowed down a bit towards the end. It ended with a fizzle instead of a bang...


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Stargate SG-1 will start filming the eighth and final season shortly so I belive. And a season of stargate atlantis will be on before that ( a stargate underwater!)


Standard Member has information on Atlantis and SG-1 .

This season looked to be the best one yet :( . Hope another network buys it up.


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Watched it tonight, and god it was awful. Time to put it out to pasture me thinks


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Timmy are you and Dimmy twins?


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i will miss angel, though season 5 has just not been as good as the other seasons. for me because there is no plot line running through the whole season they are just beast of the week episodes.

i hope they end it by angel becoming human again and getting back with buffy


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After this what does the WB have left, I can only think of Smallville.

God I hope another network picks Angel up


Depending on your point of view, the Buffy TV series could've happily ended at the end of season 5. Its only when UPN picked up the show that they milked two more seasons out of it. I love all the Buffy seasons as I'm not too critical about the show.

My point is....whether you think Angel is losing steam or not, the opportunity is there to tie it all up at the end of their 5th season. Whether UPN or someone else offers them another season is up in the air, but there should be enough closure for the fans at least.


The 5 seasons of Angel has been great, but I think it is time to put it to rest. The fact that it got cancelled at this time of the season allows Joss to write a good finale to the show as appossed to ending it and then getting cancelled and not resolving plot points. I love the show, but have had my complaints about the last few seasons. I hated the way they took the Conor story line. I did like them bringing Lindsey back. Anyway, I hope it goes out with a bang.


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Yup. There is nothing worse than something ending with little/no notice and there being no closure a la Dark Angel (damn that hacked me off). I working my way through S4 at the moment, interesting so far but Conner is getting on my nerves! :)


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I'm really liking Season 5, although it really does seem as though its being ended with the way things are going.
15 episodes in, how many to go?!?!


Well, Joss Whedon wants the show to go out with a bang and to be staked just like Buffy. This no doubt sucks. What can we do? All the letter writing campaign can't bring the show back from the dead.

We'll just have to wave it goodbye into the sunset.:hiya:


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IMO buffy sucked from season 5 onwards so maybe angel needs to bite the bullet too?

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