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We are based in Spain and have very limited UK TV available. Can somebody suggest an android stick which might be able to give us more tv channels? We know sports chnnels are available on android sticks but we are also looking for other tv programs such as discover, bbc, itv, channel four.

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This is more of a hardware question, so have moved to the hardware forum.


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Hi, make sure you purchase an android box with Quad core and Android 4.2.2 to get the latest apps and XMBC


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Hi Jack, there are loads of options available, but, I highly recommend you stay away from "Android Sticks". The reason for this is that Android is a great OS, but created for a touch screen, not what many of these sticks are trying to achieve. It will work, but with a horrid user interface. There are much better methods out there.

First of all. Head to FILMON TV FREE LIVE TV MOVIES AND SOCIAL TELEVISION (if you have a smart phone, you could download their app, or the TVGuide version which also uses FilmOn). FilmOn is free and doesn't require a VPN or Smart DNS in Spain, but the video quality is only average (better on iOS and Android I believe than on the web).

Getting this on to your main TV is easy if you have an iPhone/iPad (via AirPlay and the Apple TV), but not so easy via Android (yet).

There are much better ways though.

If you have a modern Samsung TV (E,F or maybe H series), you can very easily switch the Smart Hub to the UK and use the catch-up services (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5). This is a GREAT option, but requires Smart DNS. This isn't free, but costs only around €3,60 per month (about a pub beer) and is really easy to set up. Have a look here for reviews on the BBC iPlayer using various platforms including the Samsung Smart TV. (You can check the reviews for all the other UK FTA (free-to-air) services on that site, as it also has tabs for the Samsung TV & other platforms)

As you can see from that link, there are plenty of other options. The cheapest is the Now TV box, which will only set you back £10 if a relative or friend sends it from the UK, and you don't need a Sky sub - it's free for the FTA catch-up services. A full review of the box is here. The catch with this box is that you need to put the Smart DNS addresses into your router - no major issue for most people as their routers allow this, but also you may need to consult your manual on how to make the manual change.

Anyway, the important thing here is that it is easy to get all this on to your main TV, even if via a cheap set-top-box.

That €3,60 (US$5) Smart DNS will get you loads of other services from the UK. I use OverPlay, although there are others out there. That Smart DNS will also get you access to all the different Netflix libraries including the UK and US ones, but of course you will need to subscribe directly to Netflix for that as well. (What is Netflix? It's amazing!)

I very much prefer catch-up up TV, but many times live is best. OverPlay's Smart DNS will also get you TVPlayer on your Smart Phone, which will AirPlay over to your main TV and is free.

Zattoo is my favourite though. This is a Swiss service which allows the UK channels along with recordings and very high video quality under their sub (about €6,50 per month, plus Smart DNS fees approx 3.60). They also have every programme recorded from every channel automatically for a 7-day catch-up. Zattoo have brilliant AirPlay support.

Finally, if you are not an Apple person, that is fine, but getting all this to your main TV is not as easy. That is all about to change with Chromecast. Neither Zattoo nor TVPlayer have Chromecast support yet, but both have promised to support it very soon (most sources suggest Zattoo Chromecast will come in May, with TVPlayer in June or July). Chromecast is similar to AirPlay in that you can control the stream (change channel etc) from your smart phone, and it will play on your main TV. You can buy a local Chromecast (€35) but you will need to do two things to your router to get UK services to work. See here.

Hope all this is not too long. There are just so many options!

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