Question Android TV does not turn on/off with HDMI device


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Hi all. I have a Sony XF9005 with the latest OTA firmware.

My TV does not turn on/off when I turn on/off a PS4. Am I missing a setting or is this not implemented on Android TV?

My brother's 2019 Toshiba turned on and off when I did the same with the connected Nintendo Switch.

Also, when I connect the Nintendo Switch, the TV displays that as the HDMI input label, but nothing like that is mentioned when I connect the PS4. Why is that?



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You need to enable HDMI CEC on the PS4.

I tried this. No difference. I don't think the concern is with the device plugged into the TV. I believe it is the TV.

My expectation is that when an HDMI signal is detected on HDMI port X, the TV should switch to port X (or turn on and display port X if the TV was off). When the signal is no longer detected (i.e. the device was turned off), in addition to the TV stating "no signal detected" (as it currently does), it should turn off after 20 seconds or so if no button pushed on the remote.

This is what happens on my 2019 Toshiba (rebadged vestel).

Does this happen to any other TVs or is it unique to vestel software?


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Have you enabled Bravia Sync or whatever it's called on the TV set? Then checked any other options within its' setup menus?

My Panny plasma allows user-configuration of its behaviour wrt power on and power off via hdmi.

If all else fails :rtfm: ?

Someone will be along shortly to say that hdmi CEC often doesn't play nicely due to varying standards - but Sony kit and Sony kit really ought to :rotfl:

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