Android tablet that supports hdmi output


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Hello, I am wanting a tablet that supports hdmi output to play HD videos on a TV, I am not to fussed about the size as long as it can play HD video without lag/skipping and have a budget of £300

Any suggestions
Thank you in advance


I have a PiPO M8Pro (probably a couple of years old now) that supports HDMI via a mini HDMI socket - I've regularly used it for HD video and internet TV onto a HD display . I think most of their current models still support HDMI.


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Google Nexus 10 has a mini HDMI output socket. Obviously no longer a current model so you would need to source a second hand one from somewhere like the classifieds on this forum or the Bay.



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Nvidia Shield K1 has a Mini HDMI port. It's a great tablet and you will have plenty change out of your £300 :smashin:.


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I have just noticed that the OP opened this thread in May 2016 and can't help but wonder how it then appeared on the Homepage of the forum in December, strange to say the least!

Season's greetings to all!


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Noticed this thread, and was just thinking about same question... Android tablets with hdmi output, preferably micro hdmi as I have the cable already, but obviously probably fairly cheap to get different kind. Anyone got any current suggestions? Thanks.

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