Android phone for the elderly?


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Hi folks,
My father suffers from Dementia and is prone to getting lost etc. when out shopping with my mother.

Can anyone recommend a phone that is easy to use and could be used with say life360 to track him?

My thoughts are..
Flip phone (answers call when opened, plus no accidental dialling)
Able to run life360 is. Needs gps
Simple preset call buttons (or faces?)
Long battery life - usual 24hr smartphone life would be hopeless...

Any help much appreciated


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Just a vague thought but it might be worth looking at the other end of the age spectrum for a suitable mobile phone.

It occurs to me that the requirements for a young child's phone could very well be the same/similar to what is needed for an elderly person, especially one suffering from dementia.

A "Shot in the Dark" but may be worth a look.



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My Dad's the same.
He got on well with a basic flip phone until recently, but nowadays he can barely use the Sky TV remote control to adjust the volume. He's ok opening the flip phone up to answer a call, but operating it any other way is simply not possible.

He now has a simple panic button strapped to his wrist (a local authority scheme), and we pay them a monthly fee to ring him when its pressed.

It's really sad, and many people simply don't understand how even the simplest of things become impossible.

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