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I'm afraid I'm one of those novice types!

I have a Windows Mobile (not the latest version) phone (samsung i900) at the mo. The most important feature is Microsoft Office, particularly Outlook for storing appointments, reminders, birthdays etc. I also back this up to Entourage on my Mac using a program called Missing Sync.

My questions are - will an android phone be able to do everything my Windows phone can, particularly does it have an outlook equivalent? Or is it a case of buying apps for it to do this?

Will I still be able to sync the phone with my Mac - either to MS Entourage or iCal?

Will I be able to transfer all of my current Outlook data to the new phone? I suppose if I can sync it, then I should be able to.

Would I be better just getting another Windows Mobile phone?

Thanks for any advice.



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It may be worth you fiddling about with a Google mail account before making a decision - you can put all your contacts in, it has a calendar, task list etc... I'm not sure if it has all the bells and whistles that Outlook has (haven't used it in a while, and never to it's full functionality).
The beauty of having an Android phone and using Google services is that they update automatically... I exported all my contacts to my Google mail account before getting my Desire, and within a few minutes of booting my phone up for the first time (and setting my google mail in my phone), all my contacts appeared, all changes made to phone update Google and vice versa. I would expect the same seamlessness from the calendar and other services. (Just checked calendar online... confirmed!). There is a documents section on Google too, but I've never used this. All the Google services are free too.
Over the air transfer of docs can be done via the Dropbox app and there is a rather good App (although costs around a tenner for the full functionality) for dealing and editing Office documents called Documents To Go.
Hope this helps!


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Oh, sorry, and most other apps are either dirt cheap or free. I use K-9 as an email client (free) and the calendar on the phone, although I believe there are other calendar apps out there.
Not sure about the Mac syncing stuff though...
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