Android newbie - Caldav sync support


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I'm was about to purchase a Galaxy S2 as my old WM6.5 mobile is now ready for retirement but after a little research I see that Android doesn't support Caldav syncing so how can I sync with my business mail and calender servers?

Is there a reliable third party app that offers caldav syncing?

I can't believe that this still hasn't been implemented natively in Android. Is Google really that arrogant that they think all businesses are going to use their cloud system? Also, before anyone mentions Exchange, not everyone uses that either.


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LOL, no not really. Just got a little annoyed I guess.

Thanks for the links, they look like they may be able to fulfil my needs :smashin:


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There are a couple of long and somewhat emotional discussions on the Google support forums about this topic, so hopefully it will be natively supported at some stage. I also found a few good write ups of some of the Apps mentioned in those links, so fingers-crossed for you!

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