Android backup app for everything


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Hi I'm new to Android coming from iOS. With iPhone syncing and backup to Mac was easy for everything, apps, contacts, sms, email, pics etc ,and recovery if you had to hard reset etc.

So can someone recommend an app that does a full backup on an android. My phone is a standard HTC sensation XE, and ideally it would be nice to backup to dropbox, or SD then copy to dropbox for safe keeping.



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Titanium backup does everything you want, but for a complete backup your phone needs to be rooted otherwise protected files can't be copied.


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Not a one-stop solution but I actually think in many ways this is better:

Contacts - if you sync with Google contacts these are automatically backed-up (also means you can access your contacts from any web-browser and edit them etc).
SMS - GoSMS can back-up your texts to the SD card automatically every week/month or whatever.
Pics - Google+ can automatically back-up all your phone pics (again means you can access these online from any web-browser).
Music - Google Music (officially only US ATM) lets you access all your music from anywhere (phone, tablet, web-browser) and you can select whichever songs you want to download to your phone rather than streaming.
Most of these are not so much 'back-ups' but synced so you can access them anywhere on anything.


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I read about titanium but It's no good as I'm not going down the rooted option.

I'm not too bothered about everything just what I listed, contacts, camera pics, apps, SMS.

I'd prefer an all in one backup, like iOS but doesn't seem available on Android.


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Contacts are backed up to your google account automatically (assuming with have the sync accounts box ticked) I use an app called sms backup to automatically backup all my SMS to my gmail account. There are several picture apps that'll automatically upload any picture you take or videos you record to the cloud but be aware if you take a lot of photos/videos you can hammer your data allowance.

When you say apps what do you actually mean? The apps you download are linked to your account and are remembered by google, if you get a new device and sign in with your google account your apps can automatically re-download if you select the right sync options. If you mean apps and app settings/data then you can't do this for every app unless you have rooted your phone. Some apps secure their data/settings so that it is inaccessible to other apps.


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Thanks for replies I was hoping for just an all in one backup solution.

eg if I was set from home, and the worst happened that I had to hard reset my phone I would want it back as was beforehand. Was hoping to be able to maybe backup to dropbox and recover?

Seems that a not of stuff is backed up, eg contacts, I'm using sms backup to my SD card, apps from market linked via my google mail account, emails I leave on server so would just need to put settings back in.

If there is an app for all this to backup to SD (and can then copy to dropbox) or direct to dropbox then please share, but my phone is not rooted.



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Everything is "backed up" by Google, except SMS messages

Mail in Gmail
Contacts in Contacts/Gmail
Apps in the Market
Pics in Picasa

God knows why you'd need to do a hard reset (maybe it's an iPhone thing?) but when I got my new Android phone, I simply signed in to my Google Account and all the above was there after a quick sync.

I did use an SMS backup for a while which worked very well, but I then realised I've no need to back up my SMS messages. Having said that, I do use Handcent SMS which can do it.


My backup pro is what you need, it will backup everything for you (and more if you're rooted)

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