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I am toying with replacing my iphone 4s with a Samsung S5.

Currently I have all my CDs ripped using ALAC (apple lossless) and itunes is set to sync my iphone using 192kbs auto conversion.

I have over 200gb of music, so just putting it on the S5 in ALAC is not going to be possible.

I would rather not have 2 sets of the same files on my PC, as trying to keep them in sync is tricky.

Is there any software for Android that would do something similar to how iTunes handles it, one copy on PC but lower bitrate on phone?


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I use Google Music and it's really good. You simply download their music manager and point it at your music folder on your PC and that's basically it. Give it a while to upload your stuff and then you access it all via Google Play on your web browser. I also subscribe to All Access. The Play Music Android app let's you easily 'pin' music to your phone for listening when offline. Also, the bit rate is usually 320kbs even if the music on your PC is at a lower bit rate because Google just use the version they have on their servers. If they don't have it on their servers then they'll use the copy on your PC.
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I like having my music stored locally, no worries about bandwidth or signal etc.

Found the solution using musicbee, which I already have installed on my main pc.

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